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My name is Justin Stephens AKA (AudioBytes) and I'm a deep house producer and DJ from the UK.

I take pride in the creations and I've managed to produce many songs so far and have had some really talented singers to work with too.

I run my Bi-weekly show "The Deep House Sessions" on Facebook Live every 2 weeks on a Friday night along with my Friday from 5pm Slot on

I take my inspirations from artists such as Ross Couch, Fabien Kamb, Spirit Catchers and many others.

My music is always evolving and getting better with time and rencently had one of my songs showcased at the LMC20 event where i made it into the top 5 and did get it signed to another label which now makes three labels this year.

My Influences are artists like Ross Couch, Fabien Kamb and Everen Ulusoy.

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