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Global Dance Party

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Karl Bacon

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Welcome, to the place where my past and present go to tell a story of my journey.

Where my memories and my love for music live and thrive. World of Karl Bacon.

My mother, the most important person in my life, introduced me to my love of music early on. It was therapeutic for her and became a saving grace for me.

One of my earliest memories was of us belting out, “if I had a hammer” together.

Music was always apparent in our home. Every genre you can ever think of shaped our lives and the walls of our home.

Caused me to start my path of DJing in my teenage years and kept it close to my heart. Creating the man, I am today. Where each playlist is inspired from my state of mind. Where you can feel the energy of my psyche as I tell a story.

Mi casa es su casa.

Stay a while.